Our Mission:


We promote wellness by distributing preventative medicine with flu vaccinations, health information, technology and volunteers.


About Us

We are a national leader in On-Site Vaccine Clinics -- managing the process for you, from start to finish. We provide your organization with all the support, tools and services needed to host your own clinic. We empower you to help keep your employees healthy and productive.

We have excellent relationships with the pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers nationally, to ensure that we always have vaccines and supplies available for your company’s scheduled clinics.

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ROI Calculator

Use this calculator to determine how much vaccinating your employees can save you this year

Company sponsored Flu Clinics are the easiest way an organization can provide an employee wellness benefit, with an immediate return on investment (ROI).

It is estimated that 10 to 20 percent of the workforce is absent at some point during the flu season, due to the impact of the influenza virus. Influenza-related absenteeism ranges from 2 to 7 days per ill employee, and is expected to rise in the coming years.


Our Impact

The dedication of our company comes from the impact that we make every year during flu season. On average, FluVaccine.org completes a total of 6,213 vaccinations, not including the doctors or pharmacies that have purchased the flu vaccination from us for their own patient populations. We have effectively provided the flu vaccination to over 21,000 people since 2011 and are increasing this number every year. We have helped over 100 separate corporations protect their employees in industries such as, but not limited to, manufacturing, customer/food service, technology, healthcare, and education. We are non-discriminant towards industry and feel that we can inoculate anyone and everyone.



21 thousand vaccinations

This does not include patients that have been vaccinated by doctors or pharmacies that have purchased the flu directly from us for their own patient populations.



corporations served

We have helped over 100 separate corporations inoculate their employees in all industries from manufacturing, customer/food service, technology, healthcare, education and our list grows annually.



average vaccinations per year

Our vaccination rate has been steadily increasing since our inception in 2011


Get Well. Stay Well

There is nothing to it. Although getting vaccinated doesn’t guarantee you won’t catch the flu. However if you do, its more likely you’ll be sick for less time than if you hadn’t gotten vaccinated. So worth it!
— Steve Avenger
Noelle was very attentive and was on the spot with all my needs (and there were many!!!) All around a great coordinator and wonderful experience
— Sandra Clary